Quality Assurance Policy

Quality Assurance Policy

For our company, with main activity in trading chemicals and petrochemicals, the most important achievement is when our customers are pleased. This proves that we make efforts to live up to customer’s expectations; our goal is to serve our clients as we expect our providers to treat us. Meeting our clients’ highest expectations as is our main goal.

Company’s top management is aware that the staff is the essence of the organization and therefore provides and maintains an optimal environment for each employee to develop knowledge, experience and personal skills for meeting our clients’ expectations and requests.
One of our company’s goals is to establish advantageous relationships with our suppliers because the company’s success in customer’s connection depends on those relationships, therefore company’s overall success. We will establish permanent partnerships with our suppliers by organizing symposiums and exchanges at the headquarters of important beneficiaries.

Continuous improvement of performance is a permanent objective for us, for dealing with market’s requirements.
By continuous improvement of our performances and existing quality assurance management, we want to reduce to minimum the nonconformities which can affect company’s activity.

The management is assuming all responsibility for accomplishing the objectives regarding quality and quality policy communication within the organization. Also constant quality analysis is planned in a timely manner, in order to accomplish CHIMEXIM’s purpose.