About us

About us

macheta_chimexim_3000 (1)CHIMEXIM SA is one of the oldest institutions specialized in foreign trade activities in Romania.

The company was established in 1950 under the name of “ICE CHIMIMPORT”, then in 1985 changed name in “ICE DANUBIANA”.

In 1991, CHIMEXIM SA, legal successor of CHIMIMPORT and DANUBIANA, has been set up as a joint stock company in keeping with the provisions of the Trading Companies Act.

Since 1994, CHIMEXIM SA became a 100% private joint stock company. In the year 2000 CHIMEXIM SA has celebrated 50 years of continuous activity.

CHIMEXIM SA is member of Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, one of the founders of the National Association of Export and Importers from Romania – ANEIR and founder of Romanian Commodities Exchange.

During 65 years of activity, CHIMEXIM SA was awarded several diplomas at international events (fairs, exhibitions, competitions) both in Romania, Europe and America for its active participation in the international economic flow particularly in the export and import of chemical and petrochemical products. In the classifications of the top trading companies from Bucharest and Romania, made by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, CHIMEXIM SA won the first place over the years at the category of small and medium size companies, being awarded the ANEIR trophy.

Along its years of activity, our company has undergone several changes but none of them were essential for its range of activity, permanently remaining in the field of export and import of chemical and petrochemical products. In the future, CHIMEXIM SA intends to diversify the range of traded products and to develop the cooperation with other branches of the Romanian economy using chemicals and petrochemicals.

CHIMEXIM SA is also interested in representing exclusively in Romania foreign companies who are willing to promote their products on the Romanian market.